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Hip & Pelvis

Shoulder & upper limb

Lumbar spine

Cervical & Thoracic spine

Muscle Energy Techniques

Knee & Ankle


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This workshop programme is tailored to the needs of practising Remedial or Sports massage therapists and is designed to add comprehensively to their practical techniques and skills.

Modalities covered in the programme include:

• muscle energy technique (MET)

• advanced diagnostic techniques

• advanced muscle testing

• proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)

• spinal vertebrae re-alignment techniques.

Each workshop specifically covers the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully treat a wide range of commonly presenting conditions.

The programme takes as its starting point the techniques, anatomy, physiology and pathology levels attained on the Diploma of Remedial & Sports Massage course.

The anatomy of the spine and the peripheral joints are explored to a deeper extent by a variety of media, including video presentations of dissected cadavers. However, the focus throughout the programme is on the understanding and use of practical techniques to address specific problems and conditions. This is a practical workshop programme focused on learning additional specific techniques to treat a multitude of common conditions.



"Very friendly and a lovely learning experience. Hard work that was made fun."

Jane Young, Channel Isles