Advanced Remedial

This workshop programme is tailored to the needs of practising Remedial or Sports massage therapists and is designed to add comprehensively to their practical techniques and skills.

2024 Workshop Timetable

14/15 September – Knee & Ankle
2nd/3rd March – Hip & Pelvis
25th/26th May – Shoulder & upper limb
20th/21st July – Lumbar spine
3/4 February – Cervical & Thoracic spine
16th/17th November – Muscle Energy Techniques

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Western School Massage Therapy Training Courses Glasgow

Modalities covered

• muscle energy technique (MET)
• advanced diagnostic techniques
• advanced muscle testing
• proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
• treatment programme for the target area

Each workshop specifically covers the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully treat a wide range of commonly presenting conditions. The programme takes as its starting point the techniques, anatomy, physiology and pathology levels attained on the Diploma of Remedial & Sports Massage course. The anatomy of the spine and the peripheral joints are explored to a deeper extent by a variety of media, including video presentations of dissected cadavers. However, the focus throughout the programme is on the understanding and use of practical techniques to address specific problems and conditions. This is a practical workshop programme focused on learning additional specific techniques to treat a multitude
of common conditions.

Course Details

On completion of all 6 workshops in the programme a formal Professional ‘Certificate of Completion of the Advanced Remedial Programme’ will be awarded by Western School.

Diploma in Remedial and Sports Massage or equivalent.

Six weekend workshops (Saturday & Sunday).

The programme has been tailored so that each workshop may be taken individually and in any order. The whole programme may be completed within a year or spread over several years.

Glasgow Caledonian University (City Campus)

The premises at GCU used for Western School courses have full disabled access. Additionally, the school has a commitment to working with students with special needs. A significant number of therapists who have graduated from the Western have done so despite challenges such as dyslexia and visual impairment.

The cost of each workshop weekend course is £300. This is payable in full prior to attending.

If you would like to come along to a current workshop and ‘sit-in’ for all or part of a morning, you would be most welcome. This is a good opportunity to meet the tutors, see the location, look at course notes, chat with the other students and generally get to know more about the school and the course. Just give us a ring on 01292 285609 and we can arrange a suitable date and time.